Friday, July 2, 2010

When self striping yarn goes horribly, horribly wrong...

I saw a lovely and simple pattern in Interweave Crochet called the Marilyn Twinset. I thought it was pretty, but I couldn't really see myself in a fuzzy, pale pink mohair cardigan. (not really a stay at home mother sort of look, unless you're June Cleaver...) Funky, earthy, colorful, is more to my liking, so I chose to use this Noro Kureyon Sock. Well, I got halfway through the body of the cardigan and... eeep! I knew that the stripes weren't going to line up , but oh my goodness, one side is very dark and the other is very light. What can I do? I will continue to work on the issue; I am reluctant just to frog the whole thing, though it may come to that.


  1. If it's the same yarn for the back and the front, why is it coming out dark on one side? I don't understand it from two different skeins of yarn? maybe from a different dyelot...hmmmm...

  2. I think it is the nature of the yarn, it's, um "quirky"-- it has very long color runs so it self-stripes. Same dye lot. The sweater is worked in one piece from the top down in a stacked shell pattern, so it is just the way the yarn is made.