Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kids can be such characters!

The other day I gave my girls ice cream sandwiches as a treat. So, my little one, being not quite 3, by the time she was done, managed to get it on her face, shirt and hands. She's always on the go, the busy little thing, and she ran right up to her father on the sofa and started to climb on him. So he said, "Honey, you're sticky, go ask Mommy to help wash your hands." She starts licking her hands to get the ice cream off, and says, "No, Daddy, I not sticky anymore!"

I made the mistake of going shopping at Gymboree with the girls the other day. So my 4 year old runs to a rack, gasps, and says, "Oh, this skirt is fabulous!" (it happened to be a tulle tutu skirt) When I explained that she already owned 4 tutus she gave me this look, and said, "One of them is my sister's, I only have 3."-- like she'd be bereft with only 3 of them! Needless to say, she did not get a 4th tutu-- she didn't get upset, she's really a good girl, but I swear, 4 going on 14!

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