Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm taking the pledge...

... to actually blog about my crafting and occasionally the exploits of my 2 zany daughters. Really. What, you don't believe me? So my track record isn't so hot... okay it's abysmal... but I've had such good intentions! Hmm, what's that about the road to hell...? Well, gosh wouldn't asphalt work better than good intentions? The contractors they hire to fix the roads these days, humph!

Oh, I think I've gotten a little off track. Well, I have been crafty. I figured out how to sew a very roomy crochet hook case using only 2 fat quarters... I just have to get some pictures of the one and sew buttons on the other. Also, I've created a cute pattern for covering a 28 ounce tomato can... I just have to write it down for my sketchy notes and even sketchier memory. I guess my follow through needs work. Oh well, I'll at least get the pics posted soon. Ta-Ta!

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