Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Bead Shawl Pin Tutorial

Some the lovely ladies on Crochetville have asked me how to make a beaded shawl pin so I made up a little tutorial. You need 24 or 22 gauge wire, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, and plenty of beads.

1. Cut 3 12" pieces of wire

2. Then choose your beads. I line them up in 3 rows that are 9-10 inches long. (If you are using larger beads 10 mm and larger, intersperse them with smaller beads so the wires bend well)

3. String a row onto each of the wires.

4. Holding the 3 ends of wire together, twist the strands together and loop them into a circle.

5. Carefully hook the 2 ends together are try to hide where they are joined. Pull the ends of the wire tightly with needle nose pliers and weave them in. (Sometimes I tie a coordinating piece of ribbon over the join if I'm having a hard time camouflaging it.)

You will end up with a roughly 3 inch diameter pin. Use a chopstick, DPN, or a 5 inch piece of ¼ inch dowel to fasten it.

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