Monday, March 2, 2009

If only I had time to make the shawls too...

Because I keep making the pins to go with them! After reading the kind words of praise that Jimbo gave me in his blog I decided to make another shawl pin. Now I think I am actually going to have to make a blue shawl to go with it. I just used a wooden pin I'd already made, I think this one needs black or metallic color (I just have to figure out how to do that-- or con hubby to help me--"Oh, honey, you may have to go over to Woodcraft or Rockler to help me with this." "Sure thing dear!" as he jumps up and grabs his car keys.) It's kinda like convincing me to go to Joann or Mary Maxims.


  1. Your shawl shineys are LOVELY!!
    They're as beautiful as your non blue curacao!!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Beautiful pin. I need to learn how to make them one day since I have so many shawls.

  3. Very lovely!! I never could see well enough to make them prettys, yours are amazing! And now your a paired up with Jimbo, how cool is that?? BTW LOVE your pink curuso shawl!!! I also comented on it. WTG!!

  4. Maybe purple heart?? Always ready to help a fella get to Woodcraft.

    Nice work Alice!

  5. Oh, I love purple heart. I should tell you about the time we had to pick out wood veneer for a cabinet he was building-- he agonized over it-- he ended up choosing quilted maple-- it looked great, but I can't believe it took over a week to choose!