Thursday, March 12, 2009

This shawl is actually for me!

I made yet another Blue Curacao Shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace. This time I made it in Crystal Cream Patons Brilliant with an H hook. Actually I had to add an extra row of pineapples because I was using a finer yarn and hook than the original pattern called for. I just stopped at row 20, went back to row 14 but only put the increases at the center back and the two sides. I just continued from there with 12 pineapples and I ended with 13 fans (I also opted not to make the scallops on the edge-- I like the plain edge for myself. (BTW, to give you an idea of size, the shawl is laid out on a 28" square table)

This shawl will be my dressy summer shawl and I am very much looking forward to having warmer weather to wear it.

I'm still doing my hook roll giveaway in the previous post, so check it out!

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